Purchase Price $797,000 - SOLD

5 bed · 5.5 bath · 6,439 sqft

In 2006 James M. Diehl, a resident of Hoosier Acres, was asked to research and write about its history, these are some of his words: “In 2003 Hoosier Acres turned 50. While no longer the most elegant neighborhood in Bloomington, it remains comfortable and unique, with its spacious lots, mature trees and peaceful streets. Overlooked for years, the neighborhood is being rediscovered. As older residents move out to condos or retirement communities, young people and families are buying their houses, often renovating and expanding them before moving in. Many current Bloomingtonians grew up in Hoosier Acres and have pleasant memories of their childhood here. One has recently moved back in order to raise her children in the neighborhood where she grew up. While most new residents do not have this kind of direct tie, a recycling and rejuvenation of Hoosier Acres is taking place that will guarantee its continued existence and place in Bloomington’s History." 

Growing up, I lived across the street from Hoosier Acres and have always loved the way the roads followed the land and how the homes were built to fit on the lots. One of these renovated treasures is waiting for you.